Socialisation Walks

group dog walks

Walking your dog should be a relaxing enjoyable pass time for both you and your dog.

Unfortunately for many this is not the case. In fact, it can become a nightmare, because your dog lacks social skills and starts to bark and lunge at other passing dogs! Or they pull on the lead so hard you struggle to keep yourself upright! Your walk may have to take place at midnight to avoid the embarrassment of meeting other people with dogs. Or worse no walks at all!

Group walks that are organised by Do-Littles can help your dog with all these problems. On lead pack walks help dogs become more confident around other dogs and you can see them calm down & relax almost instantly. The most important thing though is you are in good company, like minded people struggling with the same issues. No judging, just a supportive environment. 

Walks start in Egmanton, from our farm, so the risk of meeting other dogs is small. Dogs should be over 9 months old.

Walks are around 1-2 hours long. We walks in all weathers so bring your wellies!

Booking is a must and can we can arrange a private assessment before-hand if your dog is very reactive. Fee applies.

£10 per dog per walk.

You are welcome to stay for refreshments after the walk.

Contact us to make an appointment