Puppy Classes

So you got yourself a puppy!! Congratulations.

Its so rewarding having a new pup, but at the same time can be very stressful & overwhelming.

Do-Littles can give a helping hand!

The best way to build a strong and rewarding relationship with your puppy is to attend Puppy Classes. Good Puppy Classes anyway. Puppy Classes that are well planned, reward based & force free. Puppies needs to be socialised as soon as possible and classes are the perfect place to do this. I don’t let your pups run riot & develop bad habits. Instead I will show you how to have fun with your puppy! Whilst teaching them all the basic obedience skills needed for a calm & happy household.

I offer home visits, where I can help you settling your puppy into your home, give you advice on crate training and provide help with toilet training, keeping your puppy entertained and much, much more!

If you can’t make Puppy Classes, I can also offer one to one sessions.

6 week Puppy Classes £80

One to One Sessions £45 per hour plus mileage costs.

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