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The Perfect Puppy Package

Tailor made for new owners who want their puppy to grow up to be an easy-to-exercise, fun-to-own dog. What you do with your puppy over the first few months is critical to their success, and by investing in training now, you will set yourself up for a happier life with your dog.  This package involves two introductory sessions (normally an hour) that will get your puppy training off to a flying start.

Our comprehensive package will cover everything you will need to know to get you on the right foot and help your puppy become well socialised with people (and children) and other animals. 

You will be given detailed booklets to help with the following topics along with a beautify puppy training log book.

  • House Proofing and Training
  • Traveling
  • Nutrients
  • Health Top Tips
  • Crate Training
  • Puppy biting
  • Loose leash walking
  • Basic obedience
  • Socialisation 
  • Recall
  • Handling and grooming

We recommend this happens the first time before you get your puppy and the second one the week your puppy arrive home. I will walk you through the basics of house training, socialization and early training. Puppy’s are clever and if you need to provide the right stimulation and training from the start then you will be set for life.

Puppies are really hard work and it can be overwhelming as they quickly grow and develop. So to help follow up support is part of the package. You can schedule one of four 20-minute zoom or phone calls with me at any time during your puppy's first two months at home these meetings will enable us to address any issues when they arise. This service has been extremely beneficial.

The Perfect Puppy Program is £135

Puppy School Six Week Program

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of getting your new puppy home and forget to start training them right away. The earlier you start teaching your puppy good habits, the easier it will be for both of you as he learns simple commands and understands your house rules.

Puppy training is not only an enjoyable and satisfying way for you and your puppy to spend quality time together, but it also helps you reinforce your bond. Most dogs enjoy training because it allows them to stretch their minds, win rewards, and receive plenty of praise and attention!

We teach your puppy simple exercises and commands like "down," "down," "wait," and "come" in puppy classes, and you'll probably add some fun tricks like "touch" or "roll over" as well! These classes give you and your puppy the opportunity to learn in a reward-based, happy, and caring environment.


Town & Country Coaching

After learning the basic absence it’s important to take those new skills into the real world. If you intend to take your dog out with you on your own adventures they need to know how to behave. This is road trip-based program, and we take the ‘show on the road’ we train in various county parks along with towns. We practice distractions to home your skills.

Cost £20 an hour

Terrible Teens

This course has been sensitively designed to help you tame the tricky teenage stage. Learn all about why adolescent dogs behave how they do and so you can build new skills so you can restore calm.

This is group training and takes place outdoors. The groups are small (no more than 5) and the training is given in a group format.

Cost £20 an hour.

The Delinquent Dog (One to One)

We will quickly get to the root cause of the problem you are having with your dog. You will have a greater understanding of why your dog does not listen to you and you will have an action plan to follow that will help you overcome the whatever issue you are having.

First Consult is at your home This is usually 2 hours minimum. £90

Additional ongoing sessions cost

£45 an hour.

This is group training and takes place outdoors. The groups are small (no more than 5) and the training is given in a group format.

Cost £20 an hour.

Please book a call to discuss your personal requirements.  During this call we will advise what training package you require.

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