Dog Walking Adventures

Do your working hours mean you are struggling to exercise your much-loved dog? Or for one reason or another, you simply cannot walk your dog?

Your dog needs a dog adventure walk!

Your dog has needs that include daily exercise & mental stimulation. I am sure that safety and fun are on your list of requirements too.

Do-Littles are here to help offer a daily action-packed walk, filled with fun, stimulation & all the entertainment your dog will ever need. Whilst you are busy we collect your dog and take them to a remote location. Normally private farmland, lanes and woodlands. We also have access to a two acre enclosed paddock for off lead fun for dogs with questionable recall! 

Please Be Warned Though!!

Do-Littles is not your ordinary dog walking service. You will not see me walking loads of out of control dogs. The pack requirements are taken into consideration and walks planned around their needs.

We practice nice lead work and play games as well as having off-lead time. I don’t just let your dog off lead and let your dog run riot.

Your dog will be returned to you, ready for their afternoon nap.

Dogs need sleep & rest too, after a good old adventure. That’s why an adventure walk is better than day care!

Prices from £15

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