Adventures Walks



All dogs need and deserve daily exercise and mental stimulation – and at Do Littles we think they deserve FUN too!

Our Adventure Walks offer an action-packed romp through open countryside filled with all the fun and stimulation your dog will ever need.

The Do-Littles team will collect your dog from your home in our spacious, purpose-designed van.  We’ll match them with like-minded doggy friends in groups of four or five - we are experienced canine behaviourists and take great care to exercise dogs of similar temperaments together so that every adventurer gets the most from the experience.

We set aside two hours for each adventure and travel for miles across private farmland, lanes and woodlands. Our two-acre fully enclosed paddock also allows dogs with questionable recall to enjoy off lead fun!


You won’t see Do-Littles staff sprinting after a pack of out-of-control dogs.  We don’t take off the lead and let your dog just run riot.

We see our Adventure Walks as a learning experience – although your dog definitely won’t realise he’s in the classroom!  We practise our lead work, we play games, we reinforce recall – your dog’s body and mind will both enjoy a great work out during the Adventure.  They’ll return to you refreshed, relaxed and ready for a well-earned afternoon nap!


Do-Littles offers an additional action-packed adventure for younger dogs. Based on the same ethos as our Multey Crew Adventures. The difference being our little friends have a time limited walk. This is to ensure their little bones are not overused and hinder bone plate development. They then return to our enclosed field to participate in some sensory confidence building activities. These sessions have a tiny number of puppies and are very popular. These adventures complement our puppy canine coaching courses.

Prices from £15

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