Dog Grooming


Located on our farm, there is a cozy dog pampering salon ‘like home, from home for your dog’ creating a stress-free environment.

Appointments are limited as only one dog is groomed at a time. You will not find loads of dogs crammed into crates or kennels, nervously awaiting their turn!

There is no super-sonic speed grooming that takes place either. If you want your dog groomed super-fast this salon is not for you! Your dog will have an allocated slot for their pampering session where they will receive my full attention. This ensures that they are comfortable and plenty of TLC whilst being thoroughly groomed.  

You are more than welcome to stay throughout the whole process & have a cuppa. If you choose to stay, I will show you how to correctly brush & comb out your dog, so between grooms you can keep them in tip top condition.

Services on offer:

  • Full health check
  • Bathing, blow dry, styling 
  • Hand stripping 
  • Nail clipping 
  • Anal glands emptied (Subject to vet permission)
  • Puppies trims & introductions


  • Nail trim £6
  • Face trim from £7
  • Full groom from £35 - £100 size dependent
  • Hand strip from £45
  • De-matting from £10

Nervous or aggressive dogs which are difficult to handle may incur an additional charge due to the additional time required to ensure their safety & comfort through out the process. 

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