Clubhouse Canine Spa



Located on our peaceful farm, the Clubhouse Spa is a canine country club like no other!  Managed by our fully trained canine stylist, it’s a calm and completely tranquil environment, designed to relax even the most nervous visitor.  We believe noisy, crowded poodle parlours are stressful for dogs and make grooming an ordeal rather than a pleasure.  So we will only ever groom one dog at a time, ensuring your dog receives the most relaxing, nose to tail pampering possible.

Please note: as we only welcome one dog at a time in the Clubhouse Spa, appointments are limited so please contact us to discuss availability.

Services on offer:

  • Full health check
  • Bathing, blow dry, styling 
  • Hand stripping 
  • Nail clipping 
  • Puppies trims & introductions

Indicative Grooming Costs:

  • Small dog from £40
  • Medium dog from £45
  • Large dog from £50
  • XL Dog from £60
  • Nail trim £10
  • Hand strip from £50
  • De-matting from £10


Nervous dogs or those who are aggressive or difficult to handle may incur an additional charge.  This is due to the additional time we set aside to ensure they are safe, comfortable and relaxed during the grooming process.

Contact us to make an appointment