What is a Raw Dog Food?

We all know that healthy fresh food is much better for us than processed food. We feel healthier, have more energy and generally look loads better too.

There’s a growing number of people that believe this is the same for dogs including me.

'You are what you eat' applies to dogs too!

Now I am by no means an expert, nor do I have any ‘ollergies’ on canine digestion. But, I do know what makes sense and feeding a dog on a natural diet, that its body is designed to eat, makes sense. Let’s face it dogs are carnivores, their teeth and digestive systems are designed to eat raw food and fleshy bones.

I therefore feed them fresh ingredients, rather than heavily processed dry or tinned dog food.

This type of diet is sometimes called Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF).

The main benefits of a raw food diet for dogs are: -

  • Better overall mental and physical health.
  • Treatment and prevention of allergies like: skin conditions, dental problems, conjunctivitis, body odour, wind, diarrhoea, obesity, diabetes, cancer and many other common conditions.
  • Reduced visit to the vets.
  • Knowing exactly what your dog is eating.
  • Greater food satisfaction and improved appetite for fussy eaters.
  • Calmer, more responsive and better behaved dogs.
  • Happier, longer lives.

The improvements I have observed in my own and my customer’s dogs is enough to turn me into a total convert after a lifetime of alternate feeding. 

The cost of raw feeding is similar to feeding reasonable, quality processed dog food and there are many "pre-made" frozen minces available.

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