Professor Hobbes & Dr. Winston Adventures Episode 7: Importance of grooming in dogs.

Professor Hobbes & Dr. Winston Adventures 

Episode 7: Importance of grooming in dogs.

 This time the case upon which Professor Hobbes and Dr. Winston stumbled upon is the mystery of why dogs are not so hygienic compared to their arch-nemesis, also known as cats. Our dynamic duo also tried to find out why grooming is essential when it comes to dogs. Good hygiene is necessary for the well-being of your canine friend. But unfortunately, dogs do not get that as maintaining good hygiene is not on their priority list. Therefore, bathing your dog might become a little challenging.

Importance of Grooming

In order to achieve good health, it's vital for dogs to be well-groomed. Owners must give special attention to all of the three fundamental parts of a complete and thorough grooming session which are as follows.

  • Grooming the coat
  • Cutting the nails and checking teeth
  • Regular baths

Following is a summary of why all these are essential factors of grooming.

1.Grooming the coat 

During their investigation work, our doggie detectives found out that it's essential for keeping a lush and soft coat that owners groom and brush it regularly. Owners must spend at around half an hour grooming the coat daily and even more depending on how long the coat is. Proper and regular grooming not only serves as a good bonding time for you and your canine best friend but is also vital in preserving the grace and beauty of your dog's coat.

Without proper brushing, your dog's coat can fall in bad condition and can develop hair mats, hairballs. All these can not only seriously jeopardize the cuteness of your dog, but they also can cause severe discomfort to your pooch.

  1. Cutting the nails and checking the teeth 

While talking to many dog groomers over the topic of how important is grooming for dogs, our canine detectives came to know that most dog injuries are self-inflicted. Dogs must likely scratch or, worse yet, cut themselves with their nails. In the worst-case scenario, dogs can even damage their eyes with their nails.

A dog having long nails can also unknowingly seriously hurt other animals and even its owners. Therefore, it's in everyone's interest that owners should take time to cut their nails once a month.

Bad dental hygiene can easily make the whole body ill. Bacteria growing on teeth can easily reach the gut and intestines, where they can cause serious infections. Moreover, nobody likes a dog with smelly breath. Some owners choose to brush their dogs teeth and some groomers offer this service too.


Give your regular dog baths.

Regular baths are an integral part of maintaining good hygiene. This statement holds true especially for dogs, as they tend to get dirty quite easily. Just a little bit of dust and mud in your dog's coat can easily make it seem like your dog is completely covered with mud. Moreover, the chances of tick and flea infestation also elevate if the dog is left without any shower or bath time for long. Therefore, giving regular baths to your four-legged best friend is compulsory for his well-being.


 Our detective doggies, Professor Hobbes and Dr. Winston, also found out that owners avoid giving their dogs thorough baths because dogs can make it an arduous task. Following is the list of steps that can make the bathing process much easier for you.


  • Brush the dog before the bathe
  • Keep your bathing supplies stacked
  • Give lots of treats to your dog
  • Dry Thoroughly


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