Professor Hobbes & Dr. Winston Adventures Episode 6: Ears care in dogs

Professor Hobbes & Dr. Winston Adventures 

Episode 6: Ears care in dogs. 

In this episode of Professor Hobbes and Dr. Winston's Adventure, we will narrate what happened on the fateful day when Our lovely Professor Hobbes developed an ear infection. Although he recovered from that, his curious bells started ringing, and he had this urge to find out what causes ear infections in dogs. To find out the answer to that seemingly simple yet complicated question, Professor Hobbes asked the opinion of many health professionals, including our beloved Dr. Winston. After inquiring many vets about this issue, he finally realized how nasty these ear infections can be and found out major causes of ear infections. Following are some of the conclusions made by these detective doggies.

There are three common causes of ear infection, which are explained below.

  1. Dietary issues.

It's the job of your dog's immune system to prevent your dog from ear infections with the help of some physical processes, but how can a body even function if it fails to receive a sufficient supply of nutrients and essential vitamins? 

Every complicated Machine requires a different type of fuel for its optimum working, and the same goes for your dog's body. If your pooch developed an ear infection, then it's most likely that he is not getting all the nutrients that he requires to enable his body to better take care of itself.

During his investigation process, Professor Hobbes and Dr. Winston were told repeatedly by vets that dog owners must feed good qualify dog food and even think about eliminating certain foods from their dogs’ diet to determine if there are any trigger food ingredients. Such as carbohydrates, chicken or even beef can cause a reaction.

  1. Wax

Ear infections can also be caused by the overproduction of wax by the wax glands present in the ears. Wax is produced naturally by the body to prevent ears from outside agents like pollen, dust, and even insects. But sometimes, due to a number of reasons, wax glands can go in over-production mode and produce a lot more wax than needed. This wax then starts covering the ear hole, and if left unchecked for a long time, it can start infecting the eardrum and slowly dissolving it on its own, meaning that wax infections can even lead to permanent hearing loss. 

  1. Infestation

Ear infections can also be caused if the ear canal gets infested by some insect or, worse yet, a parasite. The waste material produced by that infestation-causing agent will surely be enough to damage the whole ear in general seriously, but the eardrum will be seriously affected by that infestation due to its delicate structure. Infestations are usually caused due to the underproduction of wax by the wax glands.

  1. Dust

Dust might seem harmless, but if given free entry in the ear canal, these small particles can act as razor-sharp blades that will most likely tear the eardrum entirely. That's why nature has given dogs so many adaptions such as wax glands and hair around the ear to catch any rogue dust particle. 

How to detect whether your dog is suffering from an ear infection or not?

Professor Hobbes asked the same question, and fortunately, Winston being a doctor, was able to answer this question. According to Dr. Winston, an infected ear always has an odd smell coming from it. The dog owner can usually tell whether his dog is suffering from an ear infection or not as he is familiar with how his dog's ear smells typically.  Winston’s owners know when he has an ear problem brewing because he tends to put his whole foot into, he’s ear canal it itch! Don’t be like Dr Winston it makes the situation far worse.


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  • Thank you this is v informative and extremely useful. The smell tip from Dr Winston invaluable as a guide.

    Sarah Martin

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