Professor Hobbes & Dr. Winston Adventures Episode 5: Importance of Dental hygiene in dogs.

Nobody likes to be around someone with bad oral hygiene as it not only jeopardizes the overall look but the bad odour produced as a result due to bad oral hygiene is also off-putting when it comes to many folks.


The same goes for dogs, and that's the very reason why our dynamic duo of doggie detectives decided to uncover the mystery behind bad dental hygiene and what are the major causes of that in dogs. What can owners do to prevent their pooch from dental problems? And what are the complications that can be caused by bad dental hygiene? 

Let us take you through everything that Hobbes and Dr. Winston came to know on their journey to solve this mystery.


Why is dental hygiene important?

Good dental hygiene is a must, no matter if it's a person we are talking about or a dog. Dogs require constant attention to their dental hygiene as otherwise, they are highly susceptible to plaque build-up. An unattended oral cavity of a dog can also act as free real estate for bacterial colonies that can not only seriously damage the teeth and gums of your dog, but these bacterial colonies can also find their way to vital organs like the gut and intestines and can cause serious bacterial infections there.


A good diet of healthy food, natural treats and raw meaty bones is the most basic and essential step in taking good dental care of your dog. Although some dog owners have taken to brushing their dog’s teeth. Reportedly an arduous and somewhat perilous endeavour!


Owners can talk to their vet to find out about the best toothpaste for dogs as he will be able to tell you the best option out there based on the breed and age of your dog. Apart from regular brushing, some owners have even been known take their dogs to the dog dentist.  Dr Winston is seeing more cases of badly decayed teeth and so asked Hobbes for assistance in investigating the issue.


Complications caused by Bad dental hygiene.

After finding about why taking your dog's dental health is so essential, the curiosity of Hobbes led the duo to a side quest of finding what the repercussions of having bad dental hygiene for a very long period are? Following is what our detective dogs came up with after talking to many health professionals.


  1. Periodontal disease

"Periodontal disease starts under the gumline with a substance called plaque, which is the makeup of Bacteria," explains Dr. Lisa Fink, a well-established and experienced veterinary dentist, and an oral surgeon. The effects of periodontal disease, namely extreme pain and tooth loss, are irreversible, and therefore owners must do anything to prevent their canine friends from it.


  1. Kidney Problems

Bad dental health can result in massive bacterial growth on teeth, and those bacterias naturally start dissolving the bone, which results in the leaching of calcium which is then absorbed by the blood. This not only damages the chemical balance of our blood but also contributes to the formation of kidney stones.


  1. Liver malfunctioning

The bacterial colonies formed on teeth due to bad dental hygiene tend to produce a lot of toxins. The job of cleaning off that toxic material falls on the liver of your dog, causing it to overwork, leading to complications in the liver.



A widespread remedy to tackle Dental disease is to apply powdered white bone to your dog's teeth. This will replenish the lost calcium content of the oral cavity, strengthening the dog's immune system to defend better the teeth and the overall oral cavity of the dog in a much better way. During their research for a natural cure to dental problems for dogs, Hobbes and Dr. Winston found out that many owners offer their dog's raw bones to remove plaque, along with natural treats such as buffalo ears and tripe sticks to chew on. They found out that chewing on such products helps your dog in keeping his teeth clean and strong. Sadly it was also uncovered during their inquiries, that some manmade treats can cause long term oral health issues (like sweeties for children) so both detectives suggest that owners read the ingredients carefully or even use the all about dog food website to find out more.

Ultimately a healthy mouth and clean nashers equals a healthy dog, so Dr Winston says be careful what you feed your dogs!

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  • Im a firm believer in raw and natural feeding. My dog is 9.5 years old and has never had need for any dental treatments, from feeding naturally, his breath is pleasant, and healthy!


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