Professor Hobbes & Dr. Winston Adventures Episode 4: Obesity in dogs.

Professor Hobbes & Dr. Winston Adventures 

Episode 4: Obesity in dogs.


The 4th episode of Professor Hobbes and Dr. Winston Adventures started when Dr. Winston received a morbidly obese patient who was complaining about always feeling hungry. Dr. Winston smelled something fishy and talked to Professor Hobbes about it, wondering whether he could figure out what’s causing all these obesity-related problems? The duo went out on a great adventure that inquiring vets regarding the causes and solutions of these problems. The duo also talked to some affected dogs. What they found out was truly astounding and worrying. 


Obesity and Over-eating

 Almost every dog owner knows that dogs find it hard to stop eating. Some dogs don’t overeat at one time, but they keep returning to their bowl multiple times, which is another kind of over-eating. Some of us, dog lovers, can’t help tossing a treat to our pet whenever it looks at us with its irresistibly adorable puppy eyes. They do not realize that by letting them overeat, it can increase the risk of health problems and medical conditions. Following are some common ways of avoiding obesity in your dogs


Obesity is not a single disease; instead, it gives rise to several health problems, including shortened life expectancy. Obesity can also lead to joint pain and injury. Overweight burdens the joint tissues that will degrade with time leading to joint pain. Sometimes, it can even lead to conditions like arthritis.


Health implications

As mentioned above, obesity is not just a single disease; instead, it can cause a plethora of other problems. Professor Hobbes and Dr. Winston were astonished when they find out about all the health implications caused by obesity. These medical implications include


  • Cardiovascular problems

Obesity always leads to high cholesterol levels in the body, and this cholesterol slowly but steadily keeps sticking to the walls of arteries, eventually blocking them. If this happens to the arteries carrying blood from the heart, then it can even cause heart attacks.


  • High blood pressure

Cholesterol, as mentioned above, can also contribute to high blood pressure as the constricted walls of the arteries carrying the blood apply more pressure on blood than usual. This increased pressure, if left unchecked, can even lead to brain hemorrhage.


  • Diabetes Mellitus 

Commonly known as just Diabetes, it is a disorder of the pancreas where this vital organ stops producing enough insulin, which results in high glucose level of blood, which further leads to more obesity creating a feedback loop. 


  • Bloat

Another severe danger of over-eating is bloat. It is the condition when an enlarged stomach puts pressure on other organs and causes blood vessels to restrict. This can even lead to emergency surgery.



In their extreme effort to end this investigation on a lighter note, Professor Hobbes and Dr. Winston decided to include some remedies to counter obesity in dogs.


  • Portion control

Owners must learn to control the portion size. Different dogs require different portion sizes based on their age, breed, and gender. The owner must do their homework to avoid overfeeding their dogs.


  • Scheduled feeding

Scheduled feeding is a must if you want to keep your dog far away from obesity. You should train your dog only to expect food at fixed intervals.


  • Read the label of the dog food to assess the nutritional content of the dog food.

Different dog foods have different nutritional content, and therefore, not all dog foods are suitable for your dog.


  • Change your habits

Stop tossing food to your dog whenever you feel like it. By doing this, you are not doing any favours to your dog and are only accelerating towards obesity. Winston's top tip is to take treats out of your dogs daily food allowance if you can't resist treating your dog treats. Over to you now, the ball is in your court....

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