Professor Hobbes & Dr Winston Adventures. Episode 1 Healthy Eating - Uncover the truth about dog food!


Professor Hobbes & Dr Winston Adventures: Episode 1 Healthy Eating

In today's episode, the conspiracy to which our two doggie detectives Professor Hobbes and Winston stumbled on is the fact that the market is full of dodgy dog food products that are destroying theirs and other dogs health. So, the detectives decided to uncover this conspiracy. To get to the bottom of this problem, our doggie detectives decided to assess each dog product easily accessible in most shops and online. What they found out was truly astounding and fascinating. Before drawing any firm conclusions, Hobbes and Winston took to the trails to go undercover to interview unsuspecting dogs, humans and even some vets for clarification on the subject. Following this exercise, they were still left somewhat perplexed. Not one dog, person or vet could agree on what was the best product on the market for good doggy health!!  Never fear the determined duo were not disconcerted. In fact they were like a dog with a bone. They continued with their investigations via some sinister sources….this is what they found out.


1. Nutrition

In their search for the solution to the problem of the market's saturation with low-quality dog products, Professor Hobbes and Dr. Winston found out that most owners don't read the label and the nutritional content of the food they buy for their canine best friends. That's why they often return home with dog food that is not enough to meet the nutritional requirements of their doggie friends. They have deduced the labelling maybe written in a way to confuse the innocent dog owner?!

The easiest way to find out which dog food to feed your four-legged best friend is go onto an independent website to read up on some unbiased factual information. Professor Hobbes and Dr. Winston interviewed many vets to understand what they have to say about this. They found out that some vets have very different opinions regarding what to feed your dogs. Some will strongly recommend a certain brand (sometimes a brand that they sell) or strongly discourage a dog owner from feeding another type of food. Therefore, you should research this topic for yourself and to find a type of food that your dog will love, is good for them and is within your budget. The Detectives strongly recommend dog lovers to only choose a vet that will support and understand the feeding choices that the owners might want to adopt.

2. Freshness

In their search for the truth, our detective duo also stumbled upon the fact that most off-the-shelf dog products contain preservatives that can hurt a dog's health in the long run. That's why they stated in their detective journal that.

"Fresh food is always a better option. First, it does not include any preservatives, and second, it has higher nutritional content. Fresh food typically has higher costs. To get around this, some owners try to prepare dog food at home, but this may not be a wise thing to do. For starters, this can be time-consuming, and above that, you will not have any nutritional testing at home."

3. Types of Dog food

Professor Hobbes and Dr. Winston decided that it would be wise to state the pros and cons of all types of dog food. Following is the information they were able to acquire from their informants.


  • Raw food

WARNING WARNING!! Full disclosure! Both Hobbes and Winston eat, no in fact they gulp raw dog food.  They both admit being biased but have been professional and researched thoroughly the pros and cons. Many dog owners try to make and prepare raw food by themselves at home. That can be a precarious move as raw food prepared in home is susceptible to bacteria and it may not be a balanced diet. Furthermore, it’s not as convenient as other foods on the market because you need a freezer and have to remember to defrost it. The duo also sniffed a report out that the tripe based raw stinks. They wholeheartedly disagreed with these findings.

Our detective doggies are only fed raw food bought from pet food shops and prepared by trusted manufacturers. Good quality raw dog food can help your dog in his health pursuits by keeping his digestive system in good shape. During their investigation, Professor Hobbes and Dr. Winston also found out that raw dog food is also an excellent option if your pooch suffers from weight and joint related issues. Raw dog food also comes with the bonus of small, hard fairly non smelly poos!


  • Wet food

Wet food is also quite efficient in fulfilling the nutritional needs of dogs, and it also keeps them far away from dehydration. Wet food is easily a good option for dogs, but it can be costly than other options, and therefore owners don't usually go for wet food on its own. They tend to mix it with kibble to bulk it out.


  • Kibble

Kibble is the most convenient and easy to manage dog food out there. It neither requires the messy preparation of raw food, nor it costs as much as wet food. As long as you give your dog a high-quality kibble, it will be enough to keep your doggie happy and healthy. It can be used as a treat for training and brilliant for sniffing games in the garden or out on a walk!


For further suggestions

Please use this website for an independent review of commercial dog food to make an informed choice on what to feed your dogs.


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