Episode 2: Skin allergies in dogs.



Professor Hobbes & Dr. Winston Adventures 

Episode 2: Skin allergies in dogs.


In today's episode, the case that our Detective duo decided to uncover is the mystery of Skin allergies in dogs. What causes them? Where do they come from? How to cure them? And most importantly, how to protect your dog from them? To find the answer to these important questions, Professor Hobbes and Dr. Winston made much effort. They gathered a lot of secret information from their informants. They also interviewed many victims to get a better sense of the bigger picture. What they found out was not only mind-blowing, but it also was enough to solve the mystery of Dog allergies once and for all. Following is a brief sketch of what they were able to uncover during their investigation.


Signs of skin allergies


Firstly, the two smart detectives needed to establish how the symptoms present themselves with skin allergies. They found out the main symptoms are excessive licking, or chewing paws, unexplained rashes and even ear irritations. This can be somewhat confusing as the symptoms can also mean lots of other things? For example, a dog that has fleas will itch or if a hairy dog gets mats in between their pads they sometimes itch, lick or generally chew at the annoyance. Dr. Wintson can relate to the latter problem being a golden retriever he can develop little annoying mats. Both dogs suggest regular grooming and humans checking for mites or fleas before assuming the dog has skin allergies. A quick trip to the vets will determine any underlying issues, they may suggest an elimination diet to find the route cause.


  1. Food


Professor Hobbes found out that some ingredients found in dog food can cause irritation in some dogs. Some dogs simply cannot tolerate certain proteins or carbohydrates in their diets. After interviewing several dogs and their owners out on the streets. It became staggeringly apparent that chicken upsets a lot of dogs. In addition, some low-quality dog foods are full of allergic agents that can cause serious allergic reactions in your pooch. Such food also lacks any immunity boosters that may help to strengthen the immune system against such allergens. All this translates to the fact that a dog that is continuously fed low-quality food will be more susceptible to allergies. This was further proven true when Dr. Winston interviewed the survivors of allergic retains as they told him that they only started feeling better once their owner switched their diet to high-quality food, some of which included grain free foods and a raw diet. The latter is helpful in enabling pet owners to monitor which proteins maybe causing the irritation.


  1. Environmental issues like pollens.


Environmental conditions play a very important role in the health of your canine best friend. A clean and pure environment means that your dog will be protected from any harmful agents present in it, including pathogens, chemicals, and allergic agents like pollens, dust particles, and are generally worse during spring and summer, like humans with hay fever. All this was troublesome and intriguing for our detective duo and especially for Professor Hobbes, and therefore they decided to get an expert opinion from a long-term dog owner on how to keep your dog's environment clean? One owner told our detective doggies that" the trick is to have the best air purifier in your home as it will get rid of any allergic agents from the air and therefore will keep your dog from any allergic attacks." However, the duo exposed that this might be totally impractical for most dog owners. They continued sleuthing and found another common practice is to go down the road of monthly injections from the vet to help with the reactions from pollens that cannot be managed any other way. Along with bathing their dogs in special medicated shampoos weekly, was found to help a lot.


  1. Chemicals in the home


Another major cause of dog allergy that our favourite detective duo found out about is that owners tend to have various kinds of household chemicals that can cause a severe allergic reaction in their dogs without knowing anything about it. Those chemicals are found in household items like soap, shampoo, and cleaning liquids. After contacting the biggest manufacturer of these products in the city, Professor Hobbes and Dr. Winston came to know that such manufacturers do not make the general public aware of this fact, and therefore it is up to owners to find out about what is good for their dog and what is not. 


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