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Steph Roper of Do Littles

Deepening the special dog-human bond, one adventure at a time from puppyhood to adulthood.

Helping dog owners “be more dog” for an enriched canine connection!

Steph Roper of Do Littles


I’m Steph

Your canine coach and the proud founder of Do-Littles, dedicated to supporting dog owners with a passion for positive training methods.

My mission is to address common issues through solution-focused training plans, fostering a strong bond between you and your dog.

Experience personalised training sessions, engaging activities, and expert guidance as we embark on a journey to transform every moment with your dog into an unforgettable adventure.

Stay connected through newsletters, blogs, and our weekly podcast, and let’s make the most of your canine companionship together.

If you want honest down to Earth training and advice, you can’t beat Steph and the Do-littles team. Her help and advise has been absolutely invaluable since we got our puppy. I’d have gone mad without the skills she has taught us. Also enjoy the weekly group meetings too seeing all the other pups grow and progress, can’t recommend highly enough


Why Me?

As a dedicated dog coach, my life revolves around the well-being and happiness of dogs. With years of hands-on experience and a deep understanding of dog behaviour, I’ve dedicated my life to not just living with dogs, but truly understanding their needs, desires, and what makes them thrive. 

My expertise extends beyond basic training; I’m also a skilled dog groomer. This unique combination of skills ensures that I not only focus on mental and physical health through effective training but also on their overall well-being, grooming, and maintenance. I believe that a well-groomed and confident dog is a happy dog, and this belief is integrated into my coaching and training methods.

Nutrition and good canine health practices are at the core of my training programs. Understanding that a healthy dog is a happy dog, my training methods are designed to include aspects of nutrition and exercise that are tailored to each dog’s specific needs, ensuring they lead a balanced and fulfilling life.

Dealing with loss is another critical aspect of dog companionship, and I bring a sensitive and understanding approach to bereavement support for owners coping with the loss of their cherished pet. My aim is to provide an informative and guiding approach, ensuring that both dogs and their guardians are supported through all phases of their lives together.

My comprehensive expertise in dog the world, grooming, health, and bereavement support, combined with a life-long passion for dogs, positions me as a leading choice for anyone looking to enhance the life of their canine companion. I don’t just train dogs; I enrich their lives and strengthen the beautiful bond they share with their humans.

Do-Little's offers training for dogs - image of 2 chocolate labradors chewing Kong toys
Do-Little's offers training for dogs - image of womans hand with clicker and dog looking at hand
Do-Little's offers help for older dogs - image of older lady laying down looking at her older dog

How can we help you?

1. Personalised One-on-One Training: Tailored, individualized training sessions focused on strengthening the bond between pet parents and their dogs.

2. Positive Reinforcement Approach: Emphasis on positive reinforcement, kindness, and respect to nurture joyful bonds and understanding between dogs and their owners.

3. Experienced and Knowledgeable: Years of expertise and a deep understanding of canine behaviour to address unique training needs and challenges effectively.

4. Comprehensive Training Programs: Offering holistic programs that cover everything from basic to advanced training for a well-rounded approach.

5. Exclusive Online Canine Club Support: The Dog Mum Club. Access to a thriving online canine community for ongoing support, advice, and camaraderie, creating a network of like-minded dog lovers to share experiences, and tips, and celebrate successes together. Click here to join The Dog Mum Club today

6. HoundMail Subscription for Enrichment Inspirations: Subscribe to HoundMail, a monthly inspiration-packed subscription service full of enrichment ideas, brain-boosting activities, and training tips delivered straight to your inbox, providing a continuous source of creativity and engagement for you and your dog’s well-being and happiness. Click here to join HoundMail today


Is your cute little puppy turning your world upside down?

Is your cute little puppy turning your world upside down?!

Let us guide you through the puppy phase with tailored one-on-one puppy training sessions to cultivate a strong bond and harmonious relationship.

Are you tired of your "devil dog" causing chaos?

Are you tired of your ‘devil’ dog causing chaos?

Our personalised dog training sessions can transform your pet from a wild whirlwind to a well-behaved companion you will be proud to take anywhere!

Is your dog bored? Chewing furniture or shoes? A bored dog is a problem dog!

Is your dog bored dogs? chewing furniture or shoes? A bored dog is a problem dog!

Subscribe to our HoundMail service for weekly doses of creativity, brain-boosting games, enriching activities, brain-boosting games, and dog training tips delivered directly into your inbox.

Have you an aging dog?

Have you an aging dog?

As your beloved dog ages, they may require less physical activity and extra special care and attention. Join our online canine club the Dog Mum Club for constant support, advice, and a community that aims to ensure your senior dog’s comfort, health, and quality of life in their golden years.

It’s an inevitable tragic part of owning a dog that in the end you have to say goodbye. We offer a Pet Bereavement service to help guide you through this difficult time.

Totally lost? Need help with grooming, feeding or even what stuff to buy?

Totally lost? Need help with grooming, feeding or even what stuff to buy!

Join our online The Dog Mum Club for constant support, dog and puppy training advice, and a community of fellow dog enthusiasts cheering you on.

A safe family atmosphere is waiting for you. Full of like-minded dog guardians.

The Dog Blog

Dive into our The Dog Blog for a treasure trove of stories, tips, and insights that celebrate the dog lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for advice on training, nutrition, or simply a daily dose of doggy cheer, our blog is your go-to destination for all things canine.

Updated regularly, we aim to encourage, educate, and entertain fabulous dog parents like you.

Lady & The Hound Podcast

For those who love to listen and learn on the go, don’t miss out on our Lady & The Hound Podcast.

Covering everything you may ever need to know about and celebrate all things dog, our podcast is your auditory guide to understanding your dog friend better.

From expert interviews to heartfelt stories of adventure and companionship, this Podcast is the perfect companion for your walks, commutes, or cozy evenings at home with your four-legged friend.

Join us as we explore the deep, enduring bonds we share with our dogs, offering you practical advice and endless inspiration along the way.

The Dog Mum Club

The Dog Mum Club Offer

Are you a dedicated and loving dog mum looking for a supportive community that shares your passion for your best friend? 

Look no further! Dog Mum Club is the place where your journey as a dog mum gets even more rewarding, empowering, and fun.

This is a secure haven for resolving situations like these.

Tired of your arm feeling like it’s about to be dislocated? Or finding yourself swinging your dog’s leash with no sign of them in sight? Experiencing frustration and perhaps even a touch of embarrassment as you call for them with no response? You’re in the right place!

You are not alone! I have been there, done that and got the T-Shirt!

I can help you with these problems.

Let’s put the fun back into our daily dog walks!